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Island life means that there are limited natural resources as almost all products found in stores are imported. For this reason, we strive to minimize the carbon footprint that we leave behind by taking the following measures:


  • Aruba Boutique Apartments has done its utmost to use environmentally friendly materials during the recent remodeling of the property. With the goal of minimizing the impact on the environment.



  • Water reducers, which cut down water flow by 60% in all showers and faucets, and low-flow toilets.

  • Shower, sink, and rainwater used to water the garden.

  • Rainwater, condense from airconditioning units and greywater are recycled and used to water the garden.



  • All lighting is LED which uses 90% less electricity than regular lamps.

  • Solar boilers heating water for the apartments and the laundry.

  • Inverter A/C’s, which cut down electricity usage of the air conditioning system by 60%


  • Bulk purchasing and use of in-room dispensers delivering locally produced Aruba Aloe shampoos, conditioners, and soaps instead of individual packages in plastic containers.

  • Using bio-degradable and environmentally friendly detergents.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing local suppliers and products made in Aruba.​



  • Private entrance and terrace with outdoor seating.

  • Social distancing has never been easier as the apartments are spread out across the 24,000 sqft/ 2,200 sqm property.

  • Located only a short 3-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Palm Beach. 

  • High-speed Wi-Fi internet throughout the property

  • A welcome package with a gift and welcome drink.

  • Early check-in and check-out based on availability.

  • Beach gear including cooler, beach chairs, and plastic flatware giving you the freedom to explore the beauty Aruba has to offer.

We invite our guests to support our efforts by keeping the following in mind so Aruba will always be "One happy island":

  • The apartments aren't afraid of the dark. Please turn off all lights when leaving.

  • Ths sun is shining and the heat is on. Keep your apartment cooler by closing all windows and doors when the airconditioning is on.

  • Turn off the airconditioning when leaving the apartment for more than 4 hours.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach.

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