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We are in this together: COVID-19

To our valued guests,

We hope that both your family and friends are healthy and safe.

These are extraordinary times. Covid-19 took the world by surprise and has spread like wildfire. The world hit the pause button on travel temporarily with most countries under some form of lockdown. No-one would have imagined that we would be confined to our homes in order to protect our loved ones and ourselves.

Slowly at a country level, we start to see restrictions being lifted. Light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. Leaving many wondering when the world will get back to normal? What will the new normal look like? When is it safe to leave my home, country, and start traveling again? What will traveling look like? Now more than ever planning a vacation to look forward to is important to inspire and keep us going.

Aruba Boutique Apartments is actively monitoring COVID-19 and taking steps to ensure our guest's safety. The local and international COVID-19 protocols are being monitored closely and will be adjusted accordingly. The following points have been implemented in our on-site operations.

· Social distancing (6 feet/1.5 meters) throughout the property. The apartments are scattered throughout the 24,000 sqft/ 2,200sqm property giving all guests their own space.

· Our small scale property of 8 apartments accommodates a maximum of 16 guests, 2 per apartment. Each apartment has a kitchen and a private terrace.

· Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the property. This in addition to the hand soap available in both the kitchen and bathroom.

· Communal areas such as the garden and pool area are already cleaned daily. The frequency will be increased.

· All apartments are deep cleaned with extra disinfection after each guest checks-out.

Hopefully, #Covid-19 has you planning your travel dreams during the lockdown. Not canceling but rather planning to #golater this year or 2021 is a perfect way to support the local tourism sector. During this break, we are taking the time to care for the property and garden so that we are ready to welcome you to paradise when Aruba re-opens its borders.

Already booked a vacation that has been canceled by COVID-19? Please reach out to us at hello@mailtoparadise so that we can assist.

Concerned about planning a vacation? During these uncertain times, we would like to give you the ease of mind when booking by offering a flexible policy allowing you to change the dates as needed. See our promotions and reservations page for more details.

While we don’t know how things will look in the future

. Or when we can start traveling again. What we do know, is that we look forward to welcoming both return and new guests to #ArubaBoutiqueApartments on #Aruba our #OneHappyIsland.

Sunny regards,

Janine & Michael

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