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Aruba's COVID-19 Exit Strategy

Aruba has started with the reactivation of the local economy with the goal to be fully open and functioning in the ‘new normal’ locally by June 15th. Since May 4th restrictions have been slowly lifted in a controlled manner at a 2-week interval. This in order to monitor and control the situation.

Phase 1

Aruba entered the first phase on May 4 with more stores opening under strict limitations and protocols.

Phase 2

Will start as of Monday, May 18th: - the shelter in place and ban on groups will be lifted

Businesses allowed to reopen:

· schools, churches, stores, cinema, and museums are allowed to open again - construction projects are allowed to continue working - sports and training are allowed outdoors, with the exception of contact sports and competitions

Curfew is maintained.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everything under strict conditions.

Phase 3

As of May 25th Aruba:

Businesses allowed to open

· restaurants are allowed to open (only outside terrace, not inside). Delivery and take away is allowed

· hairdressers, barbershops and beauty salons, nurseries and childcare Not allowed to open during this phase:

· massage parlors, spas, bars, night clubs, casinos

General comments:

· Everything under strict conditions.

· Curfew is maintained.

· Strict conditions apply to companies that are allowed to open:

· Social distancing 6 feet/1.5 - 2 meters

· Basic hygiene (washing hands)

· If you have symptoms, stay at home and call your doctor for a test.

Updates on phase 4 and re-opening of the airport will follow when more information is available.

Aruba Minister of Tourism announced that Aruba is slowly preparing to re-open their borders with a TENTATIVE date for July 1, 2020, possibly with a soft opening a week or two prior to that date.

Once the borders are open the following airlines have confirmed flights: Jet Blue, American Airlines, Spirit, and Copa.

Aruba’s main goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy and for this reason many protocols will be implemented before the borders are re-opened.

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