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Aruba Boutique Apartments Health & Care Measures

The #ArubaTourism Authority in collaboration with the Department of Public Health launched the #ArubaHealthAndHappinessCode, a stringent cleaning and hygiene certification program that will be mandatory for all tourism-related businesses throughout the island.

#ArubaBoutiqueApartments is happy to announce that we have received the certification indicating that we meet both the health & safety requirements for accommodations. Even more extensive cleaning protocols, signage, and hand sanitation stations have been implemented

through-out the property. Additional measures have been taken in order to take our standard of cleaning to the next level by introducing advanced technologies for virus control. After the deep clean of each apartment, a professional electrostatic sprayer with a hospital-grade disinfectant is used to disinfect the entire apartment.

The electrostatic sprayer is an extra step to clean and disinfect the apartments and communal areas against viruses, allergens, and other air and surface contaminants.

We will continue to introduce measures at all possible levels as the health and safety of our guests is our top priority.

For more in-depth information on our Health & Care Measures go to:

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