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Aruba announces: Proof of a booster shot eliminates the necessity for a PCR/Antigen test for entry.

As of February 3, 2022, Aruba will allow travelers with proof of a booster shot to enter without a negative PCR or Antigen test. Of course, anyone who has had their booster will also need to have proof of full vaccination status.

Travelers who choose this option will need to show a digitally verifiable QR-Code proof of Covid-19 booster vaccination. Note that the vaccination status of the booster shot needs to have been administered at least 7 days before travel. A booster is an additional Covid-19 vaccine dose, in combination with a completed first vaccination (1 shot with a single dose or 2 shots with a 2 dose vaccination).

Any combination of the following vaccines will be accepted: Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, or Novavax. This needs to be uploaded as part of the ED Card process no earlier than 3 days before arrival.

Travelers who are not (fully) vaccinated must be tested in advance and then add the negative test result to the online ED card. This can be done by means of a PCR test (72 hours before departure) or an antigen test (a day in advance).

Visitors between the ages of 12 and 17 can enter Aruba with a completed primary series (1 shot of 1 shot vaccine, or 2/2 of 2 dose series); no booster shot is required at this time.

For the U.S.: Please take note that neither the physical nor a picture of the CDC card will be accepted, it needs to be in the form of a SMART Health Card.

Visitors 12 and older, who have tested positive using a molecular Covid-19 test by nasopharyngeal swab between 10 days and 12 weeks prior to travel date to Aruba, and do not show any symptoms, will be exempt from the requirement of providing a negative COVID-19 test result for entry to Aruba.

Final setup is being conducted on the ED card system in order for you to upload your digital vaccination card and will be up and running by FEB 2, 2022.

Click here to access the Aruba ED card.

Click here to purchase the mandatory Aruba COVID insurance

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For any questions, please reach out to the Aruba Tourism Authority at:

No rights can be claimed from the contents of this page. The locations, requirements and procedures may be adjusted without prior notice also depending on the developing COVID-19 situation. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this information, cannot be held liable for any possible changes, errors or omissions.

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